Testimonials http://motherearthallies.com//page10.php The Fire Within 6/25/2011 3:07:53 PM "I have worked with crystals for many years and the Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz I just received from Mother Earth Allies, is one of the most extraordinary crystal I have been privileged to work with.  Kotomi  was extremely helpful in describing the energy of two of the crystals that I resonated with from the site.  Her gifted intuitive sense enabled me to ultimately pick the Dreamtime Quartz I was destined to work with.  The crystal arrived quite quickly and when I held it, it was as if I had re-connected with a long lost friend.   I also found the website quite informative and well designed.   Thanks Kotomi for making this such a memorable experience."

-Rebecca, Washington D.C

Manifest With The Beings 6/8/2011 5:23:34 PM I recently purchased an Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz Crystal at a shop here, I believe they were brought to town by Deidre. While looking for more information on them, I came across your website. I was drawn to look at the crystals you had posted and "Manifest with the beings" jumped out at me.
I wanted to let you know that the crystal arrived today and I am so excited to work with both my Aborignal Dreamtime crystals.  Thank you for a quick deliver and for offering these crystals to the world!  I wish you much joy and blessings in the work you do!


Healing Within 3/1/2011 10:12:15 PM I love my new crystal and have used it numerous times in healing sessions for others. It's a blessing to have it in my life and I am grateful for the forces at work that brought it to me.These crystals really are amazing! I love how fast the site loads, even with all those beautiful pictures! It's simple and easy to navigate. I was able to find everything I needed fairly quickly. As I said earlier, the photos you've taken of each crystal really helps in connecting with their energies. The photography ultimately led to my decision to buy another Aboriginal. 



Horse Energy & The Shifter 3/1/2011 10:11:56 PM Kotomi is a person of integrity who has a genuine interest in matching the right crystal to its owner.  In an effort to find "my" crystal, I selected several Aboriginals from her website that I felt drawn to.  Kotomi brought them to me and allowed me plenty of time to sit with them to see if I bonded with any.  I found that the one I was the most drawn to on her website was the one for me.  The way Kotomi set up her website helped me to choose, both because the crystals were named and because of her beautiful pictures.  Kotomi explained to me that she had taken several pictures of each crystal and then posted the picture that showed the personality/energy of the crystal the best.  She was so successful at representing the energy of the crystals accurately that, the moment I held the crystal that I felt the most drawn to on her website, I immediately felt a very strong connection to it and knew it was "the one" for me.
When an opportunity came my way to purchase another crystal, I didn't hesitate to contact her.  I have now purchased three Aboriginals, and am planning on buying three more from her.  She is professional, knows what she is doing, and is intuitive.  She even recommended a crystal to me that hadn't been posted on her website yet.  It is the one I keep with me in my pocket and wear as a necklace.  Many thanks, Kotomi!

Washington State

The Dragon 3/1/2011 10:11:35 PM For every journey we take as spiritual warriors, the earth sends us on our way with the tools for survival. The aboriginal stone is one such tool.

Since my introduction to this stone, it's been the one I've had with me through every difficult journey I've traveled.

With the stone beside me I've uncovered past lives, cried oceans of tears, and found my way home through the dark. But the journey that allowed me to write today is the one that carried me through a near death experience. Sitting in my Mini Cooper convertible, I watched in stillness as an SUV rolled over the top of my car never breaking, attempting to avoid me or even honking to warn me.

With the aboriginals in my pocket I sensed all was well and as divinely intended. As I lay bound to the backboard on the ambulance gurney, my aboriginals lay beside me. There in my pocket it refused to leave no matter how hard the two men tried to remove my jacket. Then when the women in the emergency room tenderly removed it, I knew it was the stone.  Hours later as I walked out of the hospital in the same jacket without a scratch or broken bone, I knew, that too was the stone.

Since that day the aboriginals have been with me every day. Through every crisis and every blessing they're beside me. If you are blessed enough to be called by these stones, congratulations!

Ahnah G.
Washington State

Aboriginal Dreamtime Crystals 3/1/2011 10:11:10 PM Aboriginal Dream-time crystals commonly called "Silent Grove Specters" are the highest vibrational quartz crystals that I have encountered in 30 years of working with quartz crystals.  When they work with their human partner it is on a profound and deep level that enacts shifts and changes it the persons life - immediately.

Although I was linked with two of these crystals three years ago, it wasn't until this year when a larger quantity was put literally right in front of me that I realized the importance of them in the big picture.  Since that occurrence my life has changed immensely and time as I thought I knew it has also changed.

Through incredible and precise attention to finding them, the last of these crystals have been located and brought together for those wanting to do the serious work - for ourselves and our planet.  The wisdom of these crystal beings facilitates this work being accomplished in a clear and powerful way.  It is truly a miracle that some were left to be worked with in this way and not just collected.

This web site is a sure way of finding a crystal to work with you - should you so resonate with them.  The messeges and names given by the crystals help connect the crystals with their crystal partner.  Some are working with as many as eleven crystals.  It doesn't matter how many or what size, shape, dark or light color or amount of phantoms within.  They are all profound.

We are saving the stories of those wanting to share them - to compile and share with others.  These are personal experiences of those partnering up with the Aboriginal Dream time crystals are having.

May you find great joy from looking at the photographs and or finding your personal crystal friend.

With Love,  Deidre

Above and Beyond 3/1/2011 10:10:52 PM Mother Earth Allies offers a unique and gratifying purchasing experience.
The crystals are beautifully photographed, allowing the viewer to get a strong sense of the each crystal's energy. The selection and pricing are excellent.
Working with Kotomi
is a joy. Her sweetness, earnestness and efficiency are apparent in the texture of the website and in every interaction I have had with her. I would gladly refer anyone  to the Mother Earth Allies.

Safety Harbor, FL

"The Twins" (They & Me) 3/1/2011 10:10:21 PM I am still finding so much joy in "The Twins." They (and me) have completly healed my shoulder injury as well as some of the emotional/physical challenges I have been having over the years. As of late they have also been helping me overcome much of my fear around being an artist. They are quite talkative in a very Gemini fashion. Not good to sleep with -- too noisy.
On another note -- they are reluctant to "talk to" or work with anyone else and refuse to attend gatherings. In this way, they are very insistent.
Also, they are very happy with the leather pouch that they are residing in. They now have their own dedicated carying pouch and are thrilled.


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