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March, 2011
June, 2011

Aboriginal Dreamtime Crystals
Aboriginal Dream-time crystals commonly called "Silent Grove Specters" are the highest vibrational quartz crystals that I have encountered in 30 years of working with quartz crystals.  When they work with their human partner it is on a profound and deep level that enacts shifts and changes it the persons life - immediately.

Although I was linked with two of these crystals three years ago, it wasn't until this year when a larger quantity was put literally right in front of me that I realized the importance of them in the big picture.  Since that occurrence my life has changed immensely and time as I thought I knew it has also changed.

Through incredible and precise attention to finding them, the last of these crystals have been located and brought together for those wanting to do the serious work - for ourselves and our planet.  The wisdom of these crystal beings facilitates this work being accomplished in a clear and powerful way.  It is truly a miracle that some were left to be worked with in this way and not just collected.

This web site is a sure way of finding a crystal to work with you - should you so resonate with them.  The messeges and names given by the crystals help connect the crystals with their crystal partner.  Some are working with as many as eleven crystals.  It doesn't matter how many or what size, shape, dark or light color or amount of phantoms within.  They are all profound.

We are saving the stories of those wanting to share them - to compile and share with others.  These are personal experiences of those partnering up with the Aboriginal Dream time crystals are having.

May you find great joy from looking at the photographs and or finding your personal crystal friend.

With Love,  Deidre

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