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March, 2011
June, 2011

The Dragon
For every journey we take as spiritual warriors, the earth sends us on our way with the tools for survival. The aboriginal stone is one such tool.

Since my introduction to this stone, it's been the one I've had with me through every difficult journey I've traveled.

With the stone beside me I've uncovered past lives, cried oceans of tears, and found my way home through the dark. But the journey that allowed me to write today is the one that carried me through a near death experience. Sitting in my Mini Cooper convertible, I watched in stillness as an SUV rolled over the top of my car never breaking, attempting to avoid me or even honking to warn me.

With the aboriginals in my pocket I sensed all was well and as divinely intended. As I lay bound to the backboard on the ambulance gurney, my aboriginals lay beside me. There in my pocket it refused to leave no matter how hard the two men tried to remove my jacket. Then when the women in the emergency room tenderly removed it, I knew it was the stone.  Hours later as I walked out of the hospital in the same jacket without a scratch or broken bone, I knew, that too was the stone.

Since that day the aboriginals have been with me every day. Through every crisis and every blessing they're beside me. If you are blessed enough to be called by these stones, congratulations!

Ahnah G.
Washington State
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