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March, 2011
June, 2011

Horse Energy & The Shifter
Kotomi is a person of integrity who has a genuine interest in matching the right crystal to its owner.  In an effort to find "my" crystal, I selected several Aboriginals from her website that I felt drawn to.  Kotomi brought them to me and allowed me plenty of time to sit with them to see if I bonded with any.  I found that the one I was the most drawn to on her website was the one for me.  The way Kotomi set up her website helped me to choose, both because the crystals were named and because of her beautiful pictures.  Kotomi explained to me that she had taken several pictures of each crystal and then posted the picture that showed the personality/energy of the crystal the best.  She was so successful at representing the energy of the crystals accurately that, the moment I held the crystal that I felt the most drawn to on her website, I immediately felt a very strong connection to it and knew it was "the one" for me.
When an opportunity came my way to purchase another crystal, I didn't hesitate to contact her.  I have now purchased three Aboriginals, and am planning on buying three more from her.  She is professional, knows what she is doing, and is intuitive.  She even recommended a crystal to me that hadn't been posted on her website yet.  It is the one I keep with me in my pocket and wear as a necklace.  Many thanks, Kotomi!

Washington State
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Roberto was <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoree.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Eldorado-Belt-45-MM-M9841V-l2">Louis Vuitton Eldorado Belt 45 MM M9841V</a> busy with other customers! but took the time to help <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoreh.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-handbag-prices-in-canada-l4">louis vuitton handbag prices in canada</a> me and bring me my Speedy 30 and was very polite. <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorem.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-outlet-las-vegas-w7">louis vuitton outlet las vegas</a> I would have liked to learn more about the history of Louis Vuitton! but I understand that he <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoreg.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Classique-Taiga-Leather-Belt-M6843Q-p4">Louis Vuitton Classique Taiga Leather Belt M6843Q</a> was very busy and I already knew what I wanted so I didn't mind. This store is overly crowded by <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstorex.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Classique-Epi-Leather-Belt-M6833T-p2">Louis Vuitton Classique Epi Leather Belt M6833T</a> tourists. They are always busy here. At Louis Vuitton you're suppose to get your name called before <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletl.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-galliera-pm-reviews-h5">louis vuitton galliera pm reviews</a> you approach the register to pay. This rude obnoxious Chinese lady kept hovering over me and pushing on my side <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletoo.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Galatea-PM-M93813-q8">Louis Vuitton Galatea PM M93813</a> because she was trying to rush my transaction so that the cashier could ring her up. She was so rude <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletp.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-belts-outlet-u4">louis vuitton belts outlet</a> and ruining my experience at LV. My bf had it with her rudeness and told her to <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlineq.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-2012-catalog-f8">louis vuitton 2012 catalog</a> wait her turn then she finally went away. So! beware of rude customers! Next time <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlinee.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-ads-madonna-a8">louis vuitton ads madonna</a> I buy an LV bag it will probably be at a less hectic store. Overall I was <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonliney.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Alma-PM-M91614-h9">Louis Vuitton Alma PM M91614</a> happy with my customer service provided by Roberto! but it was the overcrowding and rude customers <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorep.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-neverfull-monogram-u4">louis vuitton neverfull monogram</a> that drove me away. Was this review …? Useful (5) Funny (4) Cool (1)
12/19/2012 3:28:51 AM
http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorej.webs.com/ Louis Vuitton online webstore #557
<a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorej.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-bags-2012-v3">louis vuitton bags 2012</a> Francisco it will become less and less cool to go there. <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstorep.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Messenger-Beaubourg-GM-M97039-y7">Louis Vuitton Messenger Beaubourg GM M97039</a> There are other boutiques/designers that compete with them on the same <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorey.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Belier-M93074-e7">Louis Vuitton Belier M93074</a> level. So no business is above Yelp. So great work Yelp! I applaud you! Was this review <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlinef.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Eugenie-Wallet-M6388M-g5">Louis Vuitton Eugenie Wallet M6388M</a> …? Useful (30) Funny (1) Cool (2) Add owner comment <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstoref.webs.com/#authentic-louis-vuitton-eva-clutch-y6">authentic louis vuitton eva clutch</a> Bookmark Send to a Friend Link to This Review Review from Leslie <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorem.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Wilshire-PM-M93641-i6">Louis Vuitton Wilshire PM M93641</a> Y. Elite '12 74 friends 359 reviews Leslie Y. San Francisco! CA 6/23/2011 I <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorei.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Audacieuse-MM-M40589-b1">Louis Vuitton Audacieuse MM M40589</a> have experienced much better at other locations! such as Hong <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstoreh.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-coin-purse-fake-i0">louis vuitton coin purse fake</a> Kong and Hawaii.......5 stars to those two choices alone..... I got a birthday gift! 1600 bucks a <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsalee.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-galliera-pm-date-code-y9">louis vuitton galliera pm date code</a> bag and I did not like it......so I brought it <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlinef.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-store-locator-c6">louis vuitton store locator</a> back to return within a week..... So after walking in! I immediately walk to find <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlinep.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Classique-Taiga-Leather-Belt-M6843V-v4">Louis Vuitton Classique Taiga Leather Belt M6843V</a> someone to do my transaction.......led to the cashiers booth in back.....she asks if I found anything else instead <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstorek.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Manon-MM-M95619-z5">Louis Vuitton Manon MM M95619</a> and tell her no.......not at this time....the lady starts checking <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlinei.webs.com/#eluxury-shopping-louis-vuitton-p9">eluxury shopping louis vuitton</a> the bag! brought it to the backroom! came back and started ringing my return! opens the <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletk.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-ellipse-mm-handbag-q3">louis vuitton ellipse mm handbag</a> draws and slams the inside cash drawer cause she is trying to pull out the hundreds for my <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsalek.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Insolite-Coin-Purse-M66704-l1">Louis Vuitton Insolite Coin Purse M66704</a> cash return..... Gave me my money and walked away without saying a <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsale.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-fanny-pack-purse-v8">louis vuitton fanny pack purse</a> word...what a rude sales associate...I will refrain myself from using other vocabulary...... I <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletl.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Koaia-Wallet-M58087-z0">Louis Vuitton Koaia Wallet M58087</a> have bought many items at their previous location! and at the above mentioned.....love my Honolulu location....they also ship..... <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstorel.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-fall-2012-handbags-l4">louis vuitton fall 2012 handbags</a> Was this review …? Useful (14) Funny (5) Cool Add owner comment <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsalek.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-galliera-pm-date-code-b4">louis vuitton galliera pm date code</a> Bookmark Send to a Friend Link to This Review Review from Carloalexi M. 33 friends 81 reviews <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletstoreg.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-handbags-replica-s5">louis vuitton handbags replica</a> Carloalexi M. South San Francisco! CA Updated - 5/3/2011 Since my last review of LV! I've <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstorek.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Insolite-Wallet-M60249-v0">Louis Vuitton Insolite Wallet M60249</a> purchased a number of items: several handbags for family members! <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstorej.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Le-Majestueux-M95867-p7">Louis Vuitton Le Majestueux M95867</a> a number of wallets for myself! and most recently! the Epi Marco <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstorej.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-store-galleria-houston-tx-b2">louis vuitton store galleria houston tx</a> wallet for my BF. Personally! I'd never experienced any sub-par <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonline.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-fabric-speedy-d3">louis vuitton fabric speedy</a> customer service from any sales reps from this location... until recently. Last week! <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletl.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Roman-GM-M32627-q2">Louis Vuitton Roman GM M32627</a> I had walked into this store in search for the perfect birthday gift <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutleto.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Patti-M40305-k2">Louis Vuitton Patti M40305</a> for my partner. He specified he wanted a wallet that didn't blatantly advertise a brand <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoref.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-coin-purse-vernis-f8">louis vuitton coin purse vernis</a> name (so much for damier! graphite! or monogram! etc.) and that it <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletp.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Sunrise-M93190-h3">Louis Vuitton Sunrise M93190</a> had to have a coin purse feature. We came to the conclusion that <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletj.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Sherwood-GM-M91488-t8">Louis Vuitton Sherwood GM M91488</a> the Epi Marco wallet was the perfect one! however! the store didn't have one in <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutleti.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Elise-Wallet-Fleuri-M60237-v3">Louis Vuitton Elise Wallet Fleuri M60237</a> stock! but found that Bloomingdale's LV across the street on Market DID have one. After purchasing the wallet from <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoreo.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Zippy-Coin-Purse-M93740-n5">Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse M93740</a> Bloomy's! that same day! I went back to the Union Square LV to get my <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsalef.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-beanie-cap-i2">louis vuitton beanie cap</a> partner's initials (AJS) hot-stamped. The sales rep (not my usual rep "Teiko") who took my <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoree.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-wallets-replica-u8">louis vuitton wallets replica</a> order made an illustration of the wallet and the specified position <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsaleo.webs.com/#use-louis-vuitton-gift-card-m2">use louis vuitton gift card</a> of where the initials were to be made. She handed me a receipt and asked me to come back in <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonliney.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-artsy-mm-review-v6">louis vuitton artsy mm review</a> a few hours. A few hours passed and I came back to the store to <a href="http://louisvuittonbagsoutletsaleo.webs.com/#new-louis-vuitton-bags-x7">new louis vuitton bags</a> claim the wallet. Upon being handed the wallet! I was in shock to see how the placement <a href="http://louisvuittonbagssaleonlinem.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Zippy-Wallet-M60274-s1">Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet M60274</a> of AJS was NOT vertically centered. I asked the rep why the initials were <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutleti.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-journeys-sir-sean-connery-t0">louis vuitton journeys sir sean connery</a> obviously off-centered and she referred me to her manager. The <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletn.webs.com/#Louis-Vuitton-Cirrus-PM-M93081-i4">Louis Vuitton Cirrus PM M93081</a> manager reviewed the wallet and stated! "the initials are centered." <a href="http://louisvuittonhandbagoutletd.webs.com/#louis-vuitton-store-nyc-y4">louis vuitton store nyc</a> I had a iPhone picture of the the Louis Vuitton website where I had simulated the hot-stamping <a href="http://louisvuittonoutletstoreo.webs.com/#Cheap-New-Louis-Vuitton-Epi-Leather-Bagatelle-Pm-Red-Bags-M4023M-u3">Cheap New Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bagatelle Pm Red Bags M4023M</a> the night before. Clearly on the website! it WAS not in the same position. After
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