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New Additions!
Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz
Cobalto Calcite
Nirvana Quartz Pairs
Elestial Quartz
Nuummite Slab
Polychrome Jasper
Metamorphosis Quartz
Nomadic Knotwork

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Crystal Photos

All crystals were photographed by me personally. Each crystal will be photographed with some light enhancement. I used the sun and some artificial light. The light enhancement is to show the soul of the crystal and to see into each crystal to see what they want to reveal. Some have hidden faces, animals,  shapes, veils, and phantoms. I feel this way of photographing the crystals shows their essence the best. The same beauty as if you were holding the crystal up to the sun yourself. If you desire a photo with no light enhancement I would be happy to fulfill that request. Some colors may look slightly darker or lighter. Although I am doing my best to represent the crystal in its natural form.

Price  $ 0.00
Citrine Bracelet
Mother Earth Allies is now carrying Nomatic Knotwork necklaces and bracelets! To see more click on the category labeled Nomatic Knotwork! 

7 in, Has two places to secure bracelet. The smallest at 6 in and the longest at 7 in. 


Price  $ 325.00
Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz Grid
 Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz Grid

Price  $ 1120.00
 3 in x .8 in 

Price  $ 425.00
Being True to You
 Being True to You
3 in x .8 in 

Price  $ 365.00
Path Softener
 Path Softener 
2.8 in x .8 in 

Price  $ 345.00
Inner Fire
 Inner Fire
2.5 in x 1 in 

Price  $ 305.00
7 items total

New Additions! (13)
 Check out the new crystals that have been added to the website!
Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz (88)
A Rare crystal, each has a unique frequency and personality. Deep comfort, unveiling, clearing, and amplifying. This crystal with amplify good and bad energies to untimately clear any misqualified energy and bring the body, soul and mind back to balance.
Cobalto Calcite (1)
A stone of self-discovery, love and forgiveness. Mentally helps to transfer ideas into action without forcing the pace. It also helps regulate taking on others pain. If inappropriate, will help clamp off the ties on both sides and promote forgiveness and healing. 
Columbite (2)
Columbite is a mineral that can activate all chakras and provide for equilibrium between the physical and the spiritual selves. Columbite also works with protection, bringing flashes of insight and is an excellent grounding stone. 
Nirvana Quartz Pairs (6)
Nirvana Quartz, also known as Himalayan growth interference, is a rare crystal. The pair can be used for meditation, attuning to ones path and recieving clarity for the future.The white works with third eye and crown chakra. The pink works with the heart chakra.
Rhodochrosite (1)

Rhodochrosite represents unconditional love, compassion, passion and integrates the spiritual with the material energies. Aids the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down and clears the solar plexus & base chakras.

Tantalite (3)

Tantalite is an energy deflector, protects against negativity,Increases feeling of well being on the physical plane and mobilizes grounding between the first chakra and the center of the earth. 

Elestial Quartz (2)
Links you to the divine and higher planes to open metaphysical gifts. It opens higher crown chakras bringing down a flow of divine energy. A stone of transformation, purification and a detoxifier pulling negative energy out of the environment or self and replacing it with protection, vibrant light. 
Astrophyllite (1)
Facilitating astral travel to provide an outside view of oneself. Produces the recognition of ones self esteem. Helps to purge what no longer serves you and highlights an individuals unlimited potential. 
Nuummite Slab (1)
Nuummite is one of the oldest minerals on earth and can be an intense stone. Very protective against psychic manipulation. Spiritually assists in seeing beyond the outer facade and finding the authentic self. Can restore energy depleted by karmic debt nd other causes. Will also help clear blockages including those that are self-imposed. 
Polychrome Jasper (3)
Polychrome Jasper (also called Desert Jasper) is a delightful new find from Madagascar! It was discovered by geologists in 2006 while searching for the currently mined out Ocean Jasper. Used for stability, balance and grounding. 
Aquamarine (1)
 A stone of courage, Aquamarine helps to calm energies, reduce stress, quiet the mind and is useful for closure on all levels.  It overcomes judgmentalism, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed by responsibility and encourages taking responsibility for oneself.
Metamorphosis Quartz (1)
Metamorphosis Quartz brings change and transformation. A wonderful crystal to work with if you want to change your current lifestyle. Helps encourage positive thinking, combat negative energy and pairs well and amplifys other crystals. 
Opal (1)
Aids in one having magical experiences, finding ones true self, encourages playfulness and wonder. A protective stone that refects negitive energy. Enhances self worth reminding one of their inner fire and passion.  
Petalite (1)
 Known as the "stone of angels" and is valuable for protection during vision quests and astral travel. Petalite is also a stone of earth grounding and is used to improve meditation and further peace of mind. 
Citrine (2)

Citrine is a "money" stone that brings abundance and wealth. It is good for decision-making, creativity, problem solving and new beginnings. Citrine is also known as a "feel better stone" and helps with anger and yin/yang balance. 

Nomadic Knotwork (6)
We are now carrying necklaces and bracelettes by Nomadic Knotwork. They are hand beaded with brilliant silver and semi precious stones. The Artist with every knot  says a prayer and blessing. The pieces can be washed withs soap and water if the silver needs polishing.

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