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Metaphysical Properties
Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions
Q: If I am purchasing a crystal as a gift may I have the crystal gift wrapped?

A: Yes, With an extra handling fee of $5.00 I can more elaborately gift wrap your crystal, have information printed about the crystal with information on Mother Earth Allies and write a personal note onto a card.

Q:I'm interested in how the crystals are gathered. Who? How? Do they cut down the trees to get to the crystals?

A: The Crystals were found in the Silent Grove area of Torrington New SouthWales, Australia. The farmer discovered the crystals beautifully woven within the root system of a ghost gum tree that had naturally fallen on his property.
       The farmer has chosen not to cut anymore of his trees in search of more crystals. That is why these are so rare, they are from one find and that's it. They are also rare for the energy they bring, many crystal healers including myself haven't felt anything like it before. Currently there are only an estimated 400-500 crystals left for sale outside of personal collectors. These crystals aren't very well known because in total there were so few to distribute. They would quickly be picked up by collectors.
       Deidre Berg, the woman I get the crystals from has created a special bond with the farmer. She has worked with crystals for thirty years as a distributor and teacher.
He allows her first pick of any of the crystals that are for sale.It took some time to go through all of the crystals from the find. Some had to be polished while others could be quickly sold in their natural
She was able to see the great potential and destiny these crystals
       The crystals help raise the positive frequency of people and the planet. She made it her mission to make sure these crystals got to healers and those with a desire to expand and learn. The crystals have a deep desire to be worked with, they want to help. Her mission inspired mine, I see how these crystals help people and I want them all to find their homes.

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