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Metaphysical Properties
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Metaphysical Properties
Metaphysical Properties
The Aboriginal Dreamtime Quartz

All information below about the Aboriginal Crystals is written from personal experience, common experiences I have witnessed with those working with these crystals, research on Australian Aboriginal  spirituality, and anything that was given to me intuitively that wanted to be shared :)

Allow the crystals to bring you to dream time. A place where there is no time, no space or seperation. You will be called to work with your crystals at different times. As you engage with the Aboriginal crystals you will experience a passage. Beautiful pathways will unveil themselves and lead you to lessons you need to learn.  As a result one may experience concise messages, dialogue, and quick downloads physically from their crystal. When you find your crystal it is like finding a life mate.

You have to start by honoring you. As one works with these crystals you will become more and more aligned with who you are. These crystals bring truth, what is true will stand strong while aspects of your life that are out of alignment may begin to crack and crumble. I have seen these crystals help establish healthy boundarys, claiming full potential, and an embodyed security. That ultimately leads to a healthier relationship with yourself and others. The pure energy will open your heart to help guide you through these changes. These crystals will help you take each step up in frequency as fast or slow as you will allow.

Turning the feeling of loneliness to oneness, Some may find comfort keeping their crystal companion close at all times; even sleeping with their crystal at night.  People have said they don't feel as alone. There is a sense of a kindred spirit within these crystals that leads to feeling safe, secure, and calm. A bond is created, a oneness between the person and crystal .
While Connecting to these crystals they may become very hot. The heat in the crystal is a sign you're on the right track!

Positive & Negative amplification/activation:  The Aboriginal crystals align & amplify the energy one is exuding. This amplification can be felt from two pathways, Positive and Negative. Positive amplification will amplify positive feelings and allow you to feel your energy at higher frequencies. This allows you to experience what it feels like to be completely aligned. Negative amplification will amplify negative feeling to allow the body/mind to easily see old patterns and open the opportunity to work through them. Aboriginal crystals amplify the power and properties of other crystals and stones. The combinations are endless and add a larger spektrum of available experiences.

Heart and soul connections: The aboriginal crystals connect the heart and soul. The crystals work to illuminate where soul loss has occured. They also help one discover where other sources of disconnection are within the body, mind, soul, and energy fields.

Return to your roots: The aboriginal crystals come from the roots of a ghost gum tree. The tree was rooted deep in Austrailian soil saturated with the mystical wisdom of the aboriginal people that live from the land.
It is the roots that feed the tree; almost everything comes from the roots. It is the foundation, it is where all growth comes from. If you have a branch you do not have an ever growing tree. Some other crystals could be seen as branches of earth energy, an essence, but do not have the ability to bring one to their roots, a place to always grow from. These crystals bring you to the root of the pattern instead of just the surface. This is one of the most treasured properties I feel these crystals have to offer.

Source: Assistance to fully embody your soul as source. Once you're fully in your body the crystals then can
aid you in birthing your life’s purpose.

Earth energy:
The availability of connecting with nature and the earth in a way that is immediate. Currently most people are living a lifestyle disconnected from nature. The disconnection can leave us urning for a sense of groundedness. With these crystals since they run such a high frequency you don’t have to hike a mountain or swim in an ocean to root yourself in earth energy.

Reconnection: past lives, soul retrieval, and future lives
and helping people to reclaim gifts that they got disconnected with in past/present lives/life. As it becomes ones natural and fundamental state, you are returned to the womb of all time and existence. You feel connected once more to all of nature, to all of your ancestors, and to your own personal meaning and place within the purpose of life.

Ascension: the ascension process helps ascend the self-limiting beliefs to let them go with ease and grace. Lifts one out of the mundane illusion of self. Removing the self-imposed restrictions, bindings, and blindness. It calls one to look past the surface, strengthens one to face life as it is, and unveils the wonder and magic that lies within all.


I share with you a poem that came to Kotomi,  owner, of Mother earth allies as she sat in meditation with an Aboriginal crystal called The Balancer:

The Balancer

The Original,
spirit of,
the dreamtime.
Glowing moon bark,
curves up the tree
like a flame in the dark.
She is pregnant with wisdom.
Seeking a safe place
to birth lifetimes,
of timeless knowledge.
The ghost gum tree
offers her womb to the spirit.
To cradle and protect
these ancient ancestors.
With two hands  the spirit
breathes the seeds into the earth.
Sending silver energy to the roots
giving life.
Buds soon to be blossoming flowers.
The crystals cradled in dreamtime.
growing stronger with every dream.
The guardian
ghost gum tree,
protected the crystals.
Until time, and dream time
shook hands.
The veils thinned,
Crystals freed.
Falling guardian tree.
The earth could no longer hold them,
it’s time to be.
To receive,
what spirit hands placed in the old guardian tree.
For the purpose of awakening human beings.
Their hands, now ready
to hold,
to return ,
to the womb,
of all time and existence.
Find the force that has been calling me.
To feel rooted in the awareness of all ancestors,
nature, universe, energy.
Finding the space, the place,
To find the flow of what is.
our allies
all around

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